The Consumer is always right.


There was a time when according to the American physiologist Abraham Maslow, food was merely on the first level in the hierarchy of needs and nothing more than a basic requirement. For today’s consumer this is certainly no longer the case. In our increasingly connected world there is more and more information at hand, informing customers and changing how they make their food choices and expressing their individuality through their consumer decisions. Many are constantly looking for new food experiences and rewarding those that embrace a wider dining experience offering something other than just taste.

For other consumers issue of sustainability, and perceptions of trust and regionalism are equally important. Organic and locally manufactured and produced foodstuffs have become more mainstream in recent years and for many consumers such questions are an important factor in their choices. Health also plays an increasingly important role in peoples food decisions, especially given the growth in awareness  of healthy and responsible eating.

All of these trends result in an increasingly fragmented and disparate food market that requires careful listening and an understanding with the consumer at the centre of this process. Axel Weber and Partners bring many years local and international hospitality experience in a way that not only helps you identify and move into new markets, but also to create an emotional experience that will build and ensure long term customer loyalty.