Camden Town is the place to go if you are in the mood for an alternative scene.: CAMDEN LOCK MARKET

You can go shopping for some rave party clothes, a German army jacket and a hippy looking bracelet and then kick back by the river with a good plate of ceviche, empanadas, paella or maybe even a burger.
During the Summer the food market stays open on Thursday nights, with the bonus of an open air cinema if the
weather allows it.
This is a pretty funky place to go, with plenty of food options of various different cultures. There is Mr. Piadina, where they serve Italian street food, Circus Bros., which focuses on Spanish cuisine, or The Mac Factory, which as you might have thought serve mac and cheese. And there are many other types of food to try here, from Polish to Peruvian, both in the Food Market and in the stalls around the “Stables”.